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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blondes have more fun... but with this flat iron it won't matter.

So I may take care of my skin but I am HORRIBLE when it comes to my hair. I haven't seen my natural hair color in full effect sense I was 15. . . 7 years ago. And most of those 7 years I was either blonde or pink. And not just blonde, more like platinum.

On top of me not taking care of my hair I also LOVE my flat iron, and like Amanda from Natural Mommie, I have a tendency to use cheapy flat irons. In fact, the one I used now is my boyfriends, which was our friends Tori's to begin with, so don't get me started. We all share our stuff in "the land of Jo-Omar". You will learn more about Jo-Omar as time goes on.

I'm rambling but that's ok. Anyways this is my link out to this new Hana Professional 1" Flat Iron giveaway. Check it out


Judy said...

Cute. Read all of your posts. I knew you were a good writer. I proud of you following in your mom's footsteps.
Signed Mom
The beachbird2

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