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Monday, May 3, 2010

31 Days? Day #1: Elevator Pitch

Ok so I must admit, I'm seeing a lot of these blogs around trying this "31 Days to A Better Blog" thing... So I thought, what the hell. There's only room for improvement right? So Here it goes:

Day #1: Elevator Pitch:

The mini Beach bird's tagline:
"The non-mom, 20-something internet enthusiast, vlogging in a mom blogging world. Get a mom!"

Full elevator pitch:
"The mini Beach bird features blogs and vlogs about local going-ons in the mom blogging community. Written by a non-mom, but mom-loving future chef, the mini Beach bird offers giveaway links, recipes, stories, and much more! The mini Beach bird - Get a mom!"

All comments and ideas excepted. I probably won't be posting all of the days, but I'll do my best!


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