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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 5/11/10

Wordless Wednesday
"I'm threw with your insubordination."

Ok so... Little Clairmont is pregnant... sad, I know. This week she has had just about enough of Koi Koi's male antics. So she decided to lock him in the shower. Jo and I were sitting in the bedroom when we hear quite a loud bang. So we go into the bath room and as you can see, there's Little Clairmont sitting in front of the shower looking particularly please with herself.... Accident or Intentional... You be the judge...

P.S. No photoshop or image editing was done on these pictures... they really did develop like this. Creepy.


Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Good job Clairmont Putting Koi Koi in his place LOL

catsynth said...

That is so cute. Cats are quite clever, aren't they?

Deb said...

Gorgeous! If he's silly enough to get in there ...

MommieOnTop said...

That's one smart cat! And another proof that males shouldn't mess with pregnant females, human or not. :D

My WW entry is here.

Happy WW!

TrisReports said...

You have some funny cats! :)

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