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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Introducing: the mini Beach bird V2.0!

Welcome Partons and Newbies alike!
            I would like to thank you for coming by. If this is your 1st visit saluet (welcome), and if your returning thanks for coming back. 

I would like to talk about my new layout and it's New stuff and Nifty stuff.

New Stuff, Nifty Stuff and Layout Change:

  • Well there's actually not a lot of new stuff, which I am proud of. I made an effort to make this layout more open and less cluttered. Although it's not entirely void of new. Under each post I now have the Reactions tab (This is very close to the "like" system facebook has). 
  • Same same goes for the nifty. I wanted just enough nifty without clutter. If you look at the bottom right hand corner next to the grey scrollbar on your browser you will find a small grey box with a white arrow inside. This little box is a great function called "Back To Top". This guy is good for when your at the bottom of the page and want to jump back to the top. 
  • With this layout you can see the menu is now on the top of the right hand sidebar. There are links for Home, About, Giveaways, and Vlog. Soon I will also be adding Hire Me (I will also be launching my Custom Blog Design Site) and PR Kit. Also on the right you can find GFC (Google Friend Connect), Blog Archive, My Website badge, and Blog/Networking buttons.
  • Left hand sidebar you can find Search, Share, and Subscribe. Along with Lables & My Blog List. 
Just to let you know this page is best viewed in Google Chrome with a 1280 x 800 or higher.

Well that's about it for my explanation. Now I invite you to check out Wordless Wednesday and let me know what you think about the graphics and layout.

and as always, 
Thanks For stopping by, and hope to see you back!

 I also really want to thank everyone from Friday Follow a couple weeks back!!! Thanks for your support and a giveaway will be up soon.


Judy said...

Hey daughter, you have "My Mom" on right sidebar with a hot link that says "mini beach bird".
I like your layout. We need to talk about the ads.

Erin said...

Very nice layout! I like it!

Midday Escapades said...

I agree with Erin - nice layout! Thanks for visiting me.


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