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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Review From Wining (RFW): Sue B Essentials

First off I would like to say a big THANK YOU!!! to both Girly Girl Giveaways and Sue B. Essentials for this wonderful set.

Luscious Lanolin Body Butter & Dragon's Milk Perfume Oil

I received:

  • One (1) 4 oz. Luscious Lanolin Body Butter
  • One (1) 1 ml. Dragon's Milk Perfume Oil Sample

Well aside from not being the one to open it... lol (Jo was too excited and felt he wanted to open it first, he also takes the first bite and sip of all my food and drink lol, at least I'll never be poisoned unknowingly. Jo) Besides that, when I looked in the package I was very enthused. I was expecting the sample sized oil but the lotion was much more than expected. 

I was slightly sad that it arrived after Mother's Day, but it's cool. I gave the lotion to Jo's mother, Amanda. Befor I gave it too her, I did sneak a use. The lotion is really nice. It's very hydrating. The smell is very woody and I almost feel like I'm camping in a sweet citrus orchard. LOL But no, it was really nice. It was a very fruity and bold scent. 

I was really excited about the Dragon's Milk. The description said: 
"...swirl of Dragon’s blood Resin, smoky patchouli, and deep green woodsy Oakmoss Resin, Ravensara and a hint of sweet vanilla oil. Dragon’s Blood is a warm, woodsy earth scent with notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, light tones of powdery musk’s, and hints of Asian floral."
When I first smelled it, I was really pleasantly surprised. It smells like graham crackers mixed with cinnamon rolls, blended with the comforting smell of your favorite family members unused room. In other words, it's an amazing scent that blends the feeling of old school houses, churches, family and tradition with a sort of New Age feeling to it. I really enjoy it. Not an everyday scent, more like a mid-summers night BBQ or concert. That was my first impression.

After I put it on, I finished getting ready and headed out for the day. After about five to ten minutes, the scent completely changed. It sort of mixed in and gave out a very subtle smell. I think it was the Asian floral. It became a lovely powder fresh smell with almost a small and barely noticeable prick to it, probably from the lemon. That was my second impression.

Well a couple of hours had passed and I had forgotten about it. I was sitting down to eat when I smelled my arm and the reason why I hadn't smelled it is because it became the most milky buttery floral smell. Kinda like Swedish lemon butter cookies. It had gone from a very bold smell to a very slight pleasant smell perfect for the transition from spring to summer. (And little Clairmont the cat LOVES it...)

I am perfectly satisfied and overwhelmingly pleased with my gifts. They were both very pleasant and well made. Both items were shipped quickly (I won the 30th of April - 11 days). I also would like to say Girly Girl Giveaways was very helpful and professional. Once again, thank you very much!!!


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