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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day #2: List Post : How to get started in giveaway blogging.

Day #2: Write a List Post:

Ok so I thought forever about what I wanted to do a list about. Then I thought about when my mom started to get into blogging. She had a lot of questions so I thought, why not do a list on how to get started in the blog giveaway world. So lets get started! Please visit Blogossary for help with the lingo. 

  1. Get an email. This is the most fundamental thing you must have. I suggest Gmail.
The rest of the steps are optional for the most part but they make your chances much higher. 

    • One trick of the trade: Make sure all of your usernames are the same, or close to each other. It just makes it easier on the giveaway holder when you win things.

    1. Get a twitter. Twitter is a networking site where individuals come together to "tweet" or communicate with taglines basically. Visit Twitter.
    2. Get a Facebook. Facebook, facebook. What can I say, it's Facebook. It is also a large networking site. Visit Facebook.
    3. Start using Google Friend Connect (GFC). GFC makes it easier to stay up to date with your fav blogs. Each blog you choose to "follow" goes on your google feed page, where you can read a small exert of the most recent post from each blog. Visit GFC.
    4. Get an Etsy. Etsy is a really cool personal goods site. It has vendors and sellers, selling various and often hand made items. Visit Etsy. Tell them judaleonard sent you!
    5. Make a blog. Google has really taken over anything. In a good way. You can now link your gmail with Blogger. Visit Blogger.
    6. Get on Google Calendars. This application saved my life!!!! I was always forgetting when different giveaways ended. It's easy to figure out and google always has great tutorials on how to. Visit Google Calendar

    Once you've signed up for everything, it's pretty easy. Just visit any of the blog botton on my page, most if not all host giveaways. I also invite you to check out my Giveaway list for this week: Clicky!


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