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Monday, June 28, 2010

Amazing New Findings On Helping Kids With Mental & Learning Disorders

We're finally "thinking" about mental and learning disorders in kids.

Now I must say, when I watched this video, I literally cried. 
"It is estimated that one in six children suffer from developmental disorders, including mental retardation, autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, attentional disorders, genetic disorders, sleep disorders.  However, despite the fact that all these disorders originate in the brain, most of them are diagnosed solely by looking at behavioural symptoms without ever looking at the brain!  That is, they are diagnosed behaviourally rather than neurologically.  This often results in an incomplete or inaccurate diagnosis." - Dr. Aditi Shankardass

I was and still am one of these 1 in 6 kids. Although I will say, thinking back now, I have never known any friend or school mate who didn't have some type of mental disability or affliction. Every friend of mine has had either dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, or something of that matter. Not only that but my own father suffers from ADD. These studies are the most important break through in medical science to me. I can remember being younge and wondering why I couldn't understand, or read well, or even do what the others kids were able to do. Little known fact about me:
When I was around 7th grade I took the IOWA test (giant end of year scholastic exam). When I got the results back I was really surprised. I have over a college level of vocabulary and definition skills, but was at a 5th grade spelling level. To this day, spell check is my hero.
I was placed on ADHD meds at a very young age. Fortunately I was taken off them fairly quickly, unfortunately I went back on the meds in high school. Even worse, I went through 85% or more of the stimulants on the market looking for the one to "fix" me. I lost many friends and destroyed many relationships due to the side-effects. Not to mention my forever slow metabolism, (caused by my Adderall rx).

After SEVERAL years of personalized one-on-one education, meditation, and proper eating, I am finally able to live a semi-normal life, without medication.
Another interesting fact, kids with ADHD have been found to have certain vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.
All I can say, is thank you to Dr. Aditi Shankardass. Kids are finally being HELPED and not just medicated. I am so SICK of hearing about kids being medicated because of something, like she said, that is being diagnosed by looking at these kids, not by studying them with the proper methods.

It brings light to my heart to know we are still working towards enrichment of each others lives instead of the greed and malice we see on CNN, FOX and other cable news channels. This is why I watch Ted.com, you don't really see these wonderful stories anymore. Most of America is more interested in theoretical boys in UFOs. Yeah, that's right, I said it. And you will NEVER live it down publicized media!!!!


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