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Monday, June 7, 2010

Meditation Monday - Breathing, Relieve Stress and Lose Weight

Ok so, I have decided to start a small linky on Mondays called, Meditation Monday. I know everyone has the kids running around now that's schools out so this will be a short, weekly post, followed by a video, and summed up with things to keep in mind or tips. Each post will be a daily way to relive stress and live better in under 15 mins.
Everyone is welcome to join the linky. The only thing I ask is you make a post about something to do with meditation, yoga, mental exercise, ect. And that you post the Meditation Monday button on the post. (code provided) No video is required for linky posts.
Now on to this week's Meditation Monday.

the mini Beach bird - Meditation Monday

Week 1 - Proper Breathing

Let's start off by asking the simple question of:
"How do you breathe?"
 Now you may think this is just a silly, non-important aspect of your life, but have you ever actually thought about it? Your body, your mood, your weight, everything about your body has to do with the way you breathe. If you have a chance, if you have a small child near you, watch them breathe. You will notice that most often they will breathe threw their bellies. This is called Belly-Back Breathing.

Belly-Back breathing is the way you should breathe at all times. Most adults breathe with their chest and rib cage. It'll be hard to remember in the beggining, but just keep a simple reminder on your desk, or a string around your finger. To remind you, breathe correctly. 

Before we go any further, do you have:

  • Pain under or on your breast bone, often where your bra under-wire sits? 
  • Are you hungry all the time? 
  • Are you upset without reason often? 
  • Do you have trouble sleeping? 
  • Do you have RLS?
  • Do you have a hard time digesting food?
I will tell you right now, befor I started breathing correctly, I had EVERY SINGLE of the problems listed above. When I started breathing, all declined, and most went away entirely, and I lost around 5 lbs. within the first week or two. I'm not saying this will happen with you, but these are common ailment that can be from improper breathing.

Yeah, that's great lady, but show me the facts.
Correct breathing will:
  1. Promote healthy posture.
  2. Promote weight-loss and hunger control.
  3. Destress and help your body naturally relax.
  4. Promote faster metabolism.
  5. Help regulate your body's natural cycle or rythem (yes, you have one too.) 
  6. Promote brain function.
  7. Promote healthy cell regeneration. (Stay healthier for longer.)
  8. Studies have shown, people who breathe better, live longer, less stressful lives.
  9. Helps all vital organs work better!
  10. Correct breathing naturally helps detox the blood.
Now, I have given you ten reasons, why aren't you doing it yet? You say you don't know how? Well, No Problem!

Take a look at this video.

Now that you've watched the video, will you breathe better?

Breathing is something that Western Culture has forgotten. We have forgotten to breathe, literally. And I will say, when I was approached I was like, yeah whatever. But I'm telling you from my own experience, do it, it works. Give it a week. All you have to do it remember to breathe. Not only that, but do this exercise for five (5) mins when you wake up, five (5) after lunch, and five (5) mins befor bed, and you will feel like a new person.

Meditation tip:
I know it's hard to remember things. It's OK!!! The first thing you need to learn about meditation is, it's part of your life, not your life entirely. If you forget, just say, "Hey, you forgot again, now breathe." Never be too hard on yourself. Meditation, in the beginning, will be something new, but every time you practice, you feel better. Most often instantly.

Just sit back. Relax, and BREATHE!

Good reading for daily life: Start Were You Are by Pema Chodron

I read this book fairly recently, and it's safe to say that it changed my life. It taught me, it was ok to be who I was, where I was, at that time. If you do get a chance, just read it. It's only about 150 pages +/-, and is a great bedtime read.


Midday Escapades said...

What a great idea. Thanks for coming by and letting me know about this. I've been wanting to try meditation for so long now.

Angela Artemis said...

Hi Lillian,
I got your email and came over and viewed your lovely site. I could have sworn I left a comment, but maybe it didn't go through.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your site and your artistry here.

I also posted an article on meditation on Linky. Did you receive it, or did that not go through either? Let me know if you need me to post it again.

Thank you for the invitation!

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