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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Introduction To Wedding Madness

So.... Wedding News!

No, I'm not getting married. (Gotcha Mom). Just recently I had the pleasure of attending the Mom Select Atlanta Mom bloggers conference. I had a wonderful time, and met some fabulous Atlanta blogging mommies. Which I thank Maria from Mom Select, very much! I really enjoyed it.

Now on to the meaning of this post. When I attended the conference, I had a chance to reconnect with an old friend, who is very dear to me. Cari and I have been friends for nearly 5 years. We have certainly been through some trials together. (Not to mention pulling a tick of her LOL)
Anna-Banana at 17 months.
Cari recently had a darling baby girl named Anna. She is a delight. After the birth of her daughter she became engaged to the father, and now the wedding is creeping up to us, in a way that would make you wonder if Einstein was out of his mind, and really we only have 15 hours in a day.
*My fav*
Marina by Michelle Roth
So, while I was looking for dresses for her I took a peek at some of the dresses that were popular online. Now, I've had to deal with looking for dresses for myself befor, and quite frankly I always feel like I'm settling. I can NEVER find a dress that I can proudly say "This is THE dress."

Although I will say I have found some wonderful dresses, like:
Saison Blanche Boutique
2 Be Bride-Elizabeth Darcy
Maya By Michelle Roth
by Stephanie James Couture 
Is it weird all the dresses I like have blonde models... :P

Then of coarse, we found the REALLY (sarcasm implied) good ones. Vegas wedding, here we come! Where's Elvis?!?!
Pnina Tornai
 All-in-all I found some nice ones... (my favorites is up to just under 100 LOL) So, I can't complain. And hey, this isn't even my weeding lol. :D

So, here's my question to you,
Did you ever find "your" dress, and if so, how long did it take you to find it?


Chara Lynn said...

Ok, I have never been married, but I have walked down this bumpy road with some friends. I will say, every single friend after the fact told me they feel like they settled for the dress they had just because they were sick of looking. I hope there are some people out there who really found, "THE DRESS", you know the one you see in your fairy tale dreams.
Stopping by to say hello
Stay fabulous

JessRaquel said...

When I was trying on wedding dresses, I never found one that made me exclaim, this is THE ONE and burst into tears. However the dress I picked looked really good on me and I could see myself wearing it on the big day where the other ones didn't stand out as much.

Lillian-Juda Leonard-Beach said...

So is the whole "THIS IS THE DRESS" thing a myth to keep us shopping... LOL

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